Welcome to the LYHMECommunity

This wiki project is still a work-in-progress! It is always being audited for spelling, grammar, and comprehension. We appreciate your patience with us. We will continue to add to this wiki over time for it to be a one-stop-shop for all your LYHMECommunity needs.

Brief History of Us

Since 2014, the LYHMECommunity has been squeezing the most out of life. Our Unturned experience is unmatched by any other hosting network. We have a cohesive team of carefully selected staff who work together to bring the fun to you, our players. Our player base is a unique cast of characters that laugh together, play together, and support its members. In fact, our player base spans the globe, meaning staff is available 24 hours a day! Let our Rocket servers launch you into an unparalleled Unturned adventure.