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When it comes to LYHME, you may have many many questions! Thus, our goal is to answer all. Let’s get started!

Steam Related

<aside> ❓ How Do I Get My or Someone Else’s Steam URL?

  1. Open steam if not already
  2. Hover your mouse cursor over your username
  3. Click on Profile
  4. Anywhere on the right or left side of your (or theirs) profile
  5. Right-click and click on Copy Page URL
  6. If you are wanting to get someone else go to their profile and follow from STEP 4! </aside>

<aside> ❓ How Do I Get My or Someone Else’s SteamID64 or SteamID?

  1. Get yours or there’s steam URL
  2. Go to and inside the Input bar paste the URL and click on Lookup
  3. Upon that, if you want the steamID64 copy the one that starts with 765
  4. BAM! You got it, enjoy. </aside>

Computer Related

<aside> ❓ How Do I Take a Screenshot?

There are many ways! Here are a few;

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