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Guidelines When Building

Building is going to be a large part of your experience here, it is a way for you to express yourself and show off your accomplishments. Without these guidelines, we'd always be having to do map resets due to a decrease in performance. As you continue to read we will be going over these guidelines.
Before We Continue: Buildables that are out of place. You will be banned for 4 hours for every buildable multiplied by the number of times you were banned within the latest map change. More than 25 buildables found the ban time will not be increased.


When you start to build your base, we ask everyone in our community to have one of the following items. Don't worry we will provide them for you. (via /kit needs)
Required Items
1x Claim Flag
1x Locked Door / Sign
1x Bedroll, or Anything related to a BED
Claim Flag: Placed anywhere in or out of your base! All items must be inside the radius, such as but not limited to crops, chairs, and fences. If you use fences, that is where the perimeter starts.
The Sign: Must be placed in the front of your base near the front door. Please have it be obvious, that is not hidden or covered. On the sign, it must contain all your group members' names including your own.
Bed(s): Claimed, helps if you want to get back to your base faster. /home
Let's say we add a map, and the map has its own version of any of the content above and it serves the same purpose you are permitted to use that in place of the vanilla equivalent items.

Size Limits

With our community we want it to be like a family, hence we try to encourage everyone to group at least with one other member. When you do this you are rewarded by being able to build a bigger base! Though it is not required to group up, we want to leave that option open to you.
Number of Members
Max Cubes
Solo Member
Two Members
Three Members
Four & Above Members
We define a Group as being two or more members.


We know it to be important to you, but the following are the limits of certain items.
Item Topic
Number Per Base
1 Max
Hanger / Rampart Door
1 Max
Claim Flags
1 - 2 players = 1 flag max, 3 - 4 players = 2 flags max
Water & Fuel Tanks
2 Each Max
Sound Radios
3 Max
4 Max
Light Sources
5 Per 8 Cubes
Pump Jacks / Water Barrels
5 Each Max
Freeform Buildables
10 Max
Hesco / Airdrop Boxes
10 Each Max
Sentries / Sandbags / Roadblocks
10 Each Max
Animals* / Fences
20 Each Max
Solid Crops**
20 Max
Non-Solid Crops
200 Max
We do permit where you can place chairs and tables and other decorations on the top of your base.
A freeform is an item that rotates on a spherical axis.
*This includes when an animal(s) are on display. **We classify alcohol barrels as a part of this.
A Light Source
Not A Light Source
Torch, Flare Barricade, Campfire, Lamp, Spotlight, Cagelight, Sentry w/lighted Weapon, Table Lamp, Round Wall Lamp, Mirror Light, Ceiling Light, Fluorescent Light, Fire barrel, LYHME Lamp, Bonfire, Fireplace
Monitor, Upgraded Monitor, Laptop, Upgraded Laptop TV, Upgraded TV, Ceiling Fan, Candle, Wall Candle Holder Candle Stand, Stone Oven, Christmas Tinsel, Ball Ornament, 360 Display


/distance on/off
Provides the distance when you point

Questions & Answers

The following are questions that you might ask when it comes to building. If one isn't listed, reach out to us via our ModMail discord bot.
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What Can I Not Build?
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